Nord Plus Adult

Association of Lithuania’s Regions Libraries (LRBA) implemented NORDPLUS ADULT project „Feel better with a book: reading for well-being at an older age” (NPAD-2016/10321) in 2016-2017.

The aim of this project – to improve partners’ potential in creating new purposive reading and bibliotherapy models that would involve seniors into meaningful activities of informal learning helping them improve their mental health, adapt more easily, and overcome psychological difficulties related to complicated social life.

Project partners:

  1. Utena Third Age University, Lithuania
  2. Central Library of Vilnius City Municipality, Lithuania
  3. Venspils Library
  4. Pärnu Central Library, Estonia
  5. Tammiste Elderly Care Home, Estonia
  6. Public Library of Lidköping, Sweden
  7. Lidköping Municipality, Community Care Services Department, Senior Center, Sweden
  8. Study center „Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan“, Sweden

Project results:

  • Experience on purposive reading and bibliotherapy exchanged among all project partners through mobility activities – 39 mobility visits organized;
  • New purposive reading and bibliotherapy ideas and models developed;
  • New reading activities for seniors organized in partner institutions.

Project documents

Mobility visits’ agendas:

Mobility visit reports:

Description of purposive reading and bibliotherapy models developed during the project:

PDF file to download

Links to presentations used by the project:

  1. Project presentation
  2. Accessible reading – A human right (Catharina Kåberg)
  3. Folkbildning
  4. Ventspils library
  5. VentspilsUniversity College Lifelong Learning Centre
  6. Parventas library. Story telling
  7. Drömstan –apartments and meetingplace
  8. Lidkoping Municipality
  9. Ventspils social care house „Selga“
  10. Senior centre. Lidkoping municipality
  11. Ventspils University college
  12. Ventspils library training centre
  13. Reading Club with Therapy and Reading Dog
  14. The Culture & Leisure department Lidköping municipality
  15. Lidköping Library services for elderly and disabled people
  16. Lidköping Library. Technologies for reading

Links to media resources:


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Association of Lithuania’s Regions Libraries webpage:

Lidkoping Municipality‘s webpage:

Ventspils library‘s webpage:

Ventspils library‘s webpage:

Ventspils library‘s webpage:

Ventspils municipalitys‘ webpage:

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